MITA strives to meet and exceed expectations when providing the appropriate services to satisfy any project or customer specific requirements.


OCTG Services


Cleaning and Coating

Total Tubular Management (TTM)
MITA takes pride in our TTM, taking care of the entire Tubular Life Cycle from the moment an order is placed with the emphasis of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  1. Procurement
    We liaise with mills on customers’ behalf to ensure the correct products are delivered on time.
  2. Quality Control
    Inspections are carried out at different junctures of the Tubular Life Cycle to ensure products of the highest quality.
  3. Storage
    Multiple yard facilities ensures inventory availability is always nearby.
  4. Inventory Management
    Deliveries can be made based on call off plans which in turn increases free space of customers’ operation sites from excess inventory

Line Pipe Services

Package Builder
Mix and match products and services according to project requirements

Supply Chain Management

Inventory Management and Financing

Bends Fabrication

Pipe Ends Dimension Measurement


  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Concrete weight coating
  • Insulation coating
  • Bend coating
  • Flow assurance coating